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Founder & CEO at Foresight Resilience Strategies, LLC

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Adam has significant experience in the private sector and U.S. Government through his service in the Obama Administration. Five years ago he founded Foresight Resilience Strategies and has led its development of a cyber risk management approach that builds on existing risk management tools but provides clients with a unique global look at their cybersecurity risk stated in financial terms. Previous to founding this business, Adam worked in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in The White House coordinating international S&T policy across the interagency community. For four years prior to that assignment, he held various positions at the U.S. Department of Commerce focused on improving the Department’s approach to challenges presented by China including supply chain, cybertheft, and IP enforcement. Adam is a member of the DC Bar and holds a joint JD and MA in East Asian Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and an undergraduate degree in Chinese language from Georgetown University.

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