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Principal at Princeton Public Affairs Group

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Bill Pascrell, III is a lobbyist with the Princeton Public Affairs Group with deep experience in both state and federal government affairs. Bill served as a member of Governor Murphy’s Finance Committee and was Counsel to the Governor’s Transition Team. He has also served as Passaic County Counsel since his unanimous appointment by the Passaic County Freeholder Board in 1998. Over the course of his career, Bill has also served as an advisor to a number of political leaders, including Senator Menendez and Representative Sires of New Jersey, as well as former U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry, former Governor and Senator Corzine, former Senator Lautenberg, former Representative Robert Roe, former Representative Klein, and former Governor McGreevey. During time as a Congressional staffer, Bill successfully worked with the Clinton Administration to draft, pass, and implement the national program to put 100,000 police officers back to work. As Special Counsel to Governor Florio, Bill aided in implementing the $1 billion dollar New Jersey Economic Recovery Fund. Bill advises clients involved in numerous industry segments and with various business issues.

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