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Founder and Principal at Princeton Public Affairs Group

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Dale Florio has over three decades of experience working in the government and public affairs industry. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential public affairs professionals in New Jersey, including as the recipient of the NJBIZ 2019 ICON Award. Prior to founding Princeton Public Affairs Group, Dale managed the nationwide Philip Morris state and local government affairs program, where he developed and implemented the company’s public affairs strategy, grassroots efforts, and political contributions program. Prior to this, he served as federal public affairs representative with the National Association of Manufacturers. Earlier in his career, Dale was nominated by State Assembly Speaker Haytaian and appointed by Governor Florio to the New Jersey Building Authority. He served as a key advisor to Christie Todd Whitman during her primary and general election victories and was subsequently named to the Governor’s Transition Team. Dale has also served as a member of the Task Force on the Affordability and Accessibility of Health Care in New Jersey.

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