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Senior Partner at Prism Group

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Ed Stewart is a 25-year veteran of Washington politics, congressional affairs, and foreign policy. During that time, he has represented diverse interests of major corporations, trade associations and sovereign governments. His focus is on strategic advice and daily advocacy on complex business, trade, foreign policy, and political matters. Domestically, he has advocated for clients on issues such as tax, retail, labor, food and energy. Internationally, he has spent significant time working in some of the most challenging political environments in the world. He has worked on-the-ground in more than 25 nations, managing programs in complex and rapidly changing political conditions. In addition, he has worked on trade agreements (most recently USMCA), treaties, and other international accords. Originally from east Tennessee, Ed has a MA in Diplomacy from the University of Kentucky and a BA in History and Government from Wofford College.

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