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Founder and President of Expert Communications and Training, Inc.

$375/hour for virtual Consulation

Eva’s Rule #1: Never enter a meeting, speaking appearance, tv interview or other without knowing exactly what you are there to achieve and there to communicate. Rule #2, and more can be discussed upon request. As Founder and President of Expert Communications and Training, Inc., Eva Pusateri helps CEO’s, boards, national associations and federal elected leaders surpass their goals by providing thought leadership, and strategic and communications planning enabling her clients to connect with and motivate key audiences and stakeholders. Eva successfully wins public affairs, communications and branding efforts while also providing training for public speaking and media appearances. A master at creating winning strategies, grassroots campaigns and pro-active, targeted messaging, Eva also spent three decades as a political consultant winning high-stakes campaigns at the local, state and federal levels, and now provides individual and group training on these and other topics nationally, with specialized strategies and programming for women leaders.

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