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Throughout his career, Jay has been a communications leader on the front lines of change. He won distinction as both a public relations executive and Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist. He introduced “brand journalism” to PR departments by transforming them into lively newsrooms, rich in visual storytelling. During his years at Marriott International, Jay worked closely with Bill Marriott and CEO Arne Sorenson to change the perception of Marriott from “stodgy” to “hip.” He won awards for viral YouTube videos, social media integrations and Bill Marriott’s blog. Jay’s ability to tell a story and distill complex issues goes back to his days as a broadcast journalist. He began his career at CBS News and WPIX-TV in New York City before heading to Washington, DC to cover Congress for a PBS series he co-created called Watch on Washington. He also served as a reporter in the nation’s capital for ABC-7 News. Jay’s work has been recognized in The New York Times, The Washington Post and Fortune Magazine. He has keynoted national PR events and guest lectured at his alma mater The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At the end of each talk, Jay stresses three keys to being a successful communicator – listen, be curious and never be boring.

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