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Poligage (short for policy and political engagement) was founded on the belief that the government affairs function is as critical a business function as any other but is often times not understood or adequately resourced.  Government activity at all levels poses great risks to an organization’s bottom line, as well as opportunities for funding, sales, and other business benefits.  Poligage provides executives with access to a flexible pool of policy and government affairs expertise, helping organizations augment the expertise and bandwidth of their internal teams in the short and long terms, as a primary engine for their government and public affairs activities, or as a forum to obtain second or third opinions on difficult issues as well as for problem solving brainstorming. The human intelligence offered through Poligage also provides important context to information sourced through information services and data analytics platforms, helping organizations take the next steps of strategic planning and action.  Members of the Poligage Experts Network are all accomplished executives in public policy, government affairs, and public affairs, including former elected officials, senior civil servants, ambassadors, chamber of commerce and trade association leaders, procurement experts, and top corporate executives.

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