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President of Tuckahoe Strategies

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Ramsey Poston is President of Tuckahoe Strategies, where he helps to create communications strategies for his clients that help them present clear and powerful messages to key audiences. Ramsey combines his experiences in working for public affairs firms, worldwide communications agencies, and professional sports leagues with his experiences working on Capitol Hill and presidential campaigns to help clients tell their stories effectively. Prior to Tuckahoe Strategies, Ramsey worked almost eight years at NASCAR as Managing Director of Corporate Communications for NASCAR, leading the organization’s responses to high-stakes issues and often conducting full press conferences with broadcast and print media. Ramsey regularly works with major media outlets and maintains close relationships with editors and reporters. These relationships allow him to present a strong case for his clients and how to best prepare executives and their teams for interviews and manage messages. Ramsey has been called upon to help manage high-stakes issues such as work stoppages, corporate campaigns, and investigations. Ramsey has helped chief executives and their legal counselors prepare for and respond to citations and fines proposed by government regulators, such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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