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Principal at Princeton Public Affairs Group

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Sonia Delgado has over twenty years of experience in the analysis and management of legislative and regulatory issues in New Jersey. Prior to joining Princeton Public Affairs Group, Sonia held senior executive positions at HIP Health Plan, UMDNJ-University Hospital, and Mercy Health Plan of New Jersey. Sonia has also served as a former policy analyst with the New Jersey State Senate Democratic Office, leading to her service on the health transition teams for Governors Corzine and McGreevey. She was also appointed by Governor Codey to the Board of Trustees of UMDNJ, where she served as interim Chairperson to the Board. In 2001, Sonia was appointed by the State Democratic Chairman to the Legislative Apportionment Commission, where she redesigned the original NJ charity care authorizing legislation, scope of practice and licensure of nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants, and the negotiation of HCRA (Health Care Reform Act of 1991).

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