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Founder and Principal of The Picard Group

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Tyron Picard is the Founder and Principal of The Picard Group (TPG). TPG has 30 years of experience and a proven record of bipartisan legislative and regulatory accomplishments in both state and federal government affairs. TPG has represented over a dozen Fortune 500 companies in the areas of healthcare, energy, industrial construction, and gaming and represented a number of private equity firms. Tyron has deep roots in the state of Louisiana and was appointed to serve on the transition teams of Governor Kathleen Blanco (D-LA) in 2003 and Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) in 2007. He previously served for twelve years as Executive Vice President and a Board Member for the Acadian Companies, which specializes in healthcare, safety, and environmental services. Tyron currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council for A Better Louisiana (CABL) and is involved with numerous Louisiana civic organizations.

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