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How It Works

Poligage is an online marketplace that makes government affairs more accessible and effective. We enable those seeking expertise on public policy or government affairs-related issues to connect directly with a curated network of experts for paid consultation calls and unique digital content.

Expertise Areas

Simply create an account and begin filtering through our network for expertise in the areas of:

  • Geopolitical Intelligence & National Security
  • International Organizations
  • Sectors & Industries
  • U.S. State Governments & Municipalities
  • Global Trade & Economics
  • Communication & Reputation
  • U.S. Federal Government
  • Partnerships & Events
  • U.S. Congress
  • Key Policy Issues


Poligage currently offers two engagement options:

Paid Phone Consultations

Request a paid consultation call with a Poligage Expert to discuss whatever policy or government affairs issues you are interested in or need help with.

Perhaps you’re trying to get a lay of the land on an emerging policy issue or determine how to respond to a late-breaking crisis, or you want to understand a government organization better or the expected pathway for a policy issue currently under discussion, or you’d like to discuss a communications or campaign effort, a partnership strategy, or your response to an upcoming bid. A consultation with a Poligage expert is a great way to begin to formulate a strategy, check in on a key issue, or evaluate your approach to a current effort with an experienced professional.

Digital Content

Purchase Publications and Subscriptions offered by our experts that provide analysis of policy issues, forecasts of potential issues, and other government affairs-related primers.


There are no client or membership fees with Poligage. We welcome you to engage our experts as needed and pay directly each time you with to purchase digital content or request a paid phone consultation. Poligage also offers the ability to purchase a Credits Package that you can then spend down across the Poligage platform. Each credit package comes with a bonus number of credits, providing you with extra engagement with the Poligage experts network.

Getting Started

Sign up for a Poligage account and begin engaging on the key policy and government affairs issues that matter to you today!

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