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How to Navigate the 50+ Markets of the United States

Poligage is pleased to be part of the 2022 SelectUSA Summit this week organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce.  We are busy meeting with as many of the 3,000 attendees as possible, half of whom are companies focused on both evaluating potential investments in the United States, and half from numerous U.S. states, municipalities, and territories who are eager to attract those investments to their locations.

It’s amazing how many times just in these first 24 hours of the summit that we’ve heard so much of the same advice from so many experts and experienced business leaders:

  • Understand that a one size approach does not fit all in the United States.  Each state will have its own incentives but also policy issues and regulatory regimes that may make it more or less attractive for investment to various industries and companies.  Take the time to be sure that the locations you are considering are going to be a good fit for what you do, and that you know their rules of the road at the outset.
  • Get outside help.  Business executives have so much to do to evaluate and launch their businesses in new markets, from customer segment assessments to marketing strategies.  Getting advice from those who already have deep understanding of a state or municipality’s risks & opportunities on the policy and regulatory front should be a no-brainer.
  • Don’t cut corners.  Accept that there are things that you don’t know and won’t know until you’ve “been around the track” a few times in a new market.  Leverage expert assistance to help make sure you’re aware of blind spots that could cripple your efforts.  Develop proactive engagement strategies on government activity in your new markets that help you eliminate these blind spots.

Poligage is pleased to provide two resources to help any company expanding into a new U.S. state or municipality, no matter their origin:

Check out an overview HERE of our Six Key Pillar Approach for Government Engagement.

Watch a short video HERE about options for entering a new market like the state of Maryland by Poligage Expert Keith Walmsley.  This video is illustrative of what all of our state & municipal Poligage Experts are capable of providing.

If you’re an executive with a company, Poligage is happy to help you and your company navigate government activity engagement in any of the 50 markets that make up the United States market.  If you’re an economic development officer, Poligage is happy to partner to offer advisory services that can help new market entrants thrive in your location.  Request a proposal or conversation today.

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