How To Approach U.S. Federal Government Procurement

Commercial opportunities are among the most exciting and important focus areas of government affairs, and the effort of selling products and services to the government – known formally as procurement – is both an enticing yet daunting revenue stream opportunity for most companies. 

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The Take on Space for 2023

The global space economy was valued at over $469 billion USD in 2021, up 9% from 2020, according to The Space Foundation.  It's no wonder that organizations wishing to succeed in this economy are so interested in the rules that government policy makers and regulators are setting for the space economy, as well as the commercial opportunities that will come out of government programs and strategies in the year ahead.

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The World Has Changed: What to Expect from the New Brazilian Government in Foreign and Trade Policy

Without a doubt the questions I have received most here

Doing Business in Pennsylvania: Perspectives on Politics and Effective Partnerships

Check out a short conversation with Gene Barr about the current state of politics and governance in Pennsylvania, as well as how companies can work effectively with partners like chambers of commerce or trade associations to advance their government engagement objectives. 

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