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Our Story

The reality is clear: government activities pose a growing threat to businesses and organizations around the world, demanding greater executive involvement and understanding

But who do you turn to if you aren’t well versed in the issues facing your organization or industry? If you aren’t sure what the key government organizations are that might act in ways to impact your organization? How to communicate and engage with the policy decision makers who may impact your organization or industry? Or, you may find that while you have a deep understanding of public policy, you have an occasional knowledge gap that needs filling, or a bandwidth issue that needed managing, or a finding or opinion that you’d like to gut-check with an expert. Poligage aims to make all of this possible.

Poligage has been created by industry professionals with deep understanding of the public policy ecosystems in the United States and throughout the world, with the aim of improving the experience of those navigating these ecosystems.

We have seen the real business value that effective engagement in government affairs can have on companies and organizations. We have also personally experienced the friction when searching for information on regulations, legislation, public policy stakeholders, and other public policy-related efforts from sources that are truly expert on that topic during our moment of need – not after the policy decision train leaves the station. And we all have experienced firsthand the importance of being thoughtful about the messages we employ to influence key public policy decision makers and other stakeholders in the government relations process, which can be enhanced by the guidance of a public affairs expert.

Technology has made the ability to find and connect with people more efficient than ever before

And there are now thousands of websites or apps that seek to help quickly connect users with the providers of information, goods, or services they most urgently need. Online marketplaces provide the functionality to make transactions related to these discovery and engagement efforts more efficient, often drawing thousands of brand new users or customers due to the time savings and improved engagement experience they provide, and setting up providers for exposure to new customers or clients.

Poligage is your online marketplace for engaging policy.

Our platform and offerings are designed to minimize middlemen and other delays with your discovery of the policy expertise you need to become better informed or formulate a decision in real time. Our network of experts is truly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

Key Leaders

Christine Davies is the Founder and CEO of Poligage.

Christine has built her 20+ year career around the intersections of public policy and business, working in various capacities with government leaders, trade associations, private companies, and non-profits to advance public policy outcomes. Christine has served as Vice President for Partnerships at the Asia Society, a global organization devoted to increasing understanding between the East and West, as well as a Business Development Manager for the Public Sector Services division at Microsoft. Earlier in her career, Christine served at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and U.S. Department of State, where she worked on a variety of global economic and development issues. Christine earned her MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Ed Ingle serves as Senior Advisor to Poligage.

Ed has 30 years of government affairs and public policy experience in high-stakes environments, including senior positions for Microsoft, The White House, and WPP. He recently left Microsoft after spending 16 years representing corporate interests before the Executive Branch, Congress, and State Governments. Ed is expert at providing trusted counsel on navigating complex policy and business challenges. He is frequently called upon by leading universities to provide insights to students and corporate executives on government affairs, public affairs, policy development, and the political process. Ed is author of the government affairs chapter for a leading corporate communication textbook on reputation management, now in its third edition.

Judy Benn serves as an Advisor to Poligage.

Judy recently retired after serving for over 17 years as the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, one of the most active business chambers of commerce in the world, as well as the Founding Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar. Judy has managed hundreds of advocacy efforts in Thailand and throughout Asia on behalf of the business community and often in collaboration with civil society. Judy served for many years as a Director of KPMG in China earlier in her career.

Scott Norville serves as an Advisor to Poligage.

Scott is Vice President of Digital Audience Development at the Walt Disney Company, where is responsible for leading Fox Film Studio’s and Fox Network Group’s cross-division initiatives regarding short-form video creation and distribution, and digital audience development on YouTube and other social video platforms. Scott has an extensive background in content and technology business development, having previously worked at Google in YouTube’s Content Partnerships Group, and at the Walt Disney Company before Google in strategy/business development roles in both their Consumer Products and ABC News divisions. Scott received his MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

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