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Reimagining Education to Support Students of Color

Recording: Reimagining Education to Support Students of Color, Mar 8, 2022

As our educational systems continue to rebound and regain a sense of normalcy in this new everchanging environment we’re in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many voices pushing us to take this as an opportunity to look at how we educate our children. Many Black and Brown parents don’t want to see us return to ways that did not support their children adequately in the past. In this session we will discuss new ideas/thoughts to reimagine a system that truly supports students of color.


  • Curtis Valentine, Progressive Policy Institute
  • Naomi Shelton, National Charter Collaborative
  • Alisha Thomas Searcy, At Morgan Enterprises
  • Mimi Woldeyohannes, The Center For Black Educator Development
Originally published by South By SouthWest on March 8, 2022
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