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Dr. Anish Goel

$300/hour for virtual Consulation

Dr. Goel is a trained Ph.D. engineer with strong experience and background in international affairs and science and technology. He has extensive policy and management experience in both fields and significant expertise in analysis and strategy. He served as Senior Director for South Asia in the National Security Council, advising Presidents Bush and Obama, as well as in the Senate Armed Services Committee, covering technology issues and Asia-Pacific strategy for Senator John McCain. He previously worked in the State Department on South Asia issues, including leading efforts on the U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation agreement. During private sector tours in companies as diverse as General Electric, Cargill, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Mitsubishi, and L3, Dr. Goel used his expertise to bring value and strategic insight to his employers. He is now with New America as a senior fellow in international security, and an employee of the Department of Defense working strategic security issues.

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