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Marcus Courtney has a background in advancing complex social issues at the federal, state and local level through community engagement, coalition-building, media relations, and working with elected officials. He has a focus on the intersection among technology, green energy and politics. Marcus served for over 15 years in non-profit executive leadership roles from launching the first union for tech workers in the U.S., WashTech/CWA, to directing a branch of an international union federation, UNI Global Union, in Switzerland. Marcus has been quoted by The New York Times, Washington Post, Seattle Times, NPR and interviewed on CNN. He also has testified before Congress, lobbied the European Union, and delivered keynote speeches at high-level international conferences. In his consulting practice, he has advised companies, national and local organizations on legislative affairs, technology policy and clean energy solutions. He has recently been published in the Korean Labor Institute, Seattle Times and Crosscut.

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