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Mastering the Ecosystem of Decision-Making

Decision-makers often treat decisions as a simple check-box: Created an internal DEI policy, tick. Submitted comments on a new public policy inquiry, tick. Wrote and distributed a press release, tick.

Yet the environment in which we operate today is an interconnected ecosystem where decisions in one area may have unintended consequences on others.  It’s essential that executives think about the way their decisions are made so that they can maximize value from all elements of their organization.  There are three key areas to explore in order to master the decision-making process for your ecosystem:

Understanding The Ecosystem of Decision-Making

What is the ecosystem of decision-making? Where have you seen real-life examples where the decision-making efforts of various operational functions have experienced unintended consequences, such as how a change in a user agreement can open a European investigation to how efforts for renewable energy can actually extend the life of a coal plant scheduled for shutdown?

Understanding Your Ecosystem

Who are the decision makers and what is your ecosystem? How are potential decisions analyzed before proceeding? Who is consulted or included in the process?

Rethinking the Process

How should you be assessing your organization’s ecosystem and how decisions are made within it? What are potential outcomes and risks facing your organization? How does this process play into government affairs and public policy practices?  How do current and emerging issues – from social media to artificial intelligence to geopolitical developments – impact organizational decision making?

Ready to explore how this decision-making framework can be optimized for your organization?  Learn more about booking Melis for a presentation on this important topic here.

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