How it Works

Members of the Poligage Experts Network are available for flexible engagements, including 30 or 60 minute virtual consultations, projects, and other services. You can directly review and select the Poligage Expert(s) you’d like to work with through our Expertise Marketplace, or you can work with a Poligage Concierge to curate the right expertise for your needs.  Poligage’s flexible model enables organizations to access the policy and government affairs expertise they need, right when they need it, with a best-in-class fit.  Poligage offers credit packages that you can spend down over the course of a year, or you may engage Poligage on a per-consultation or per-project basis.


  • 30- and 60-minute virtual private consultations
  • Speakers, panels, or virtual advisory boards
  • Focus groups and problem-solving workshops
  • Feedback on products and services for policymakers or the government affairs audience


  • Executive overview memos
  • Research memos and reports
  • Scene-setters
  • Briefing books
  • Policy assessments


  • Talking points & speeches
  • Communication frameworks
  • Media engagement strategies
  • Media training services

Using the Expertise Marketplace

  • Enter the marketplace and select one of the expertise areas to begin your search from the drop-down menu. Select all relevant attributes in the filter bar on the left to generate expert search results.
  • View the full profiles of the experts you would like to learn more about.
  • Request a consultation or project proposal from experts aligned with your needs or interests.
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Requesting a Proposal

Request a Proposal if you have a specific consultation or project or need in mind and want Poligage to provide recommendations on which members of the Poligage Experts Network are a fit to help you, or if you’re ready to source project bids for an existing statement of work.

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You can engage our experts for one or more of the following stages

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How does Poligage compare to the dozens of information and predictive analytics services out there?

Human intelligence is a critical complement to information gathering and predictive analytics tools. Poligage Experts provide the critical context to the insights and data points you have been collecting and can help you develop an actionable roadmap for communication and engagement with legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders to achieve your objectives. Think of Poligage as the partner that provides the “hand off” from general insights to customized insights.

A Few Examples of How Organizations Are Using Poligage

To Gather Political and Policy Intelligence

A Fortune 500 company engaged the Poligage Experts Network multiple times for insights into the U.S.-China relationship and analysis of potential outcomes for U.S.-China economic decoupling, including emerging new supply chain regulations.

To Obtain Fresh, External Perspective

PhRMA, the global trade association of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, engaged six Poligage experts for several hours each to provide fresh perspective on how they could best advocate on a specific policy issue.  The Poligage Experts also engaged in one-on-one coaching with trade association members to discuss and optimize their advocacy approach to key global stakeholders on this important policy issue.

To Offload Legislative Tracking

Multiple companies have leveraged the Poligage Experts Network for legislative tracking and other monitoring services related to fast-moving government activity at all levels of government, sometimes as a primary source of government intelligence and sometimes as a second opinion.

To Assess Political Agendas

A global financial services institution engaged Poligage to provide an assessment of potential actions of the Biden-Harris Administration with respect to financial services regulation and policy changes.

To Advance Government Procurement Strategies

HomTex, an Alabama-based manufacturing company, engaged multiple Poligage Experts to develop a government procurement strategy and to solicit for sales opportunities for their products at both the U.S. federal and U.S. state levels.

To Develop Effective Messaging for Government Stakeholders

A start-up company in the environmental sector leveraged Poligage to adapt its customer and investor-focused messaging for a government audience, helping them tell their story more effectively at the U.S. federal and state levels as they developed a strategy to seek government funding and legislation that would support their industry.


Poligage aims to offer flexibility to our clients and the ability to engage in the best-in-class expert for each activity. Pricing is thus set on an engagement-by-engagement basis. Virtual consultation prices are listed for each expert in the Expert Marketplace, and proposals may be solicited for any project. The Poligage Concierge is also available to provide a list of recommended experts for the type of insight or service you are seeking.

All Poligage consultations and projects can be paid for on an a la carte basis according to the rules of our Terms of Service. We also offer packages that can be accessed quickly for services and consumed over the course of a year as needs arise.


Poligage is happy to work with you or your compliance team on nondisclosure agreements or other needs related to your engagement of the Poligage Experts Network. However, most of our clients view Poligage as an ”interactive information service” since many projects only provide external intelligence and do not require access to proprietary client information.

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