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U.S. Congress

Insights on both chambers of Congress, political parties and leadership, and committees of policy jurisdiction.

How Organizations Might Use Poligage for U.S. Congress:

Legislative Monitoring

Offload the monitoring of key pieces of Congressional legislation that could impact your organization, receiving updates via virtual consultations or written memos.

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Determine which Members of the House and Senate, as well as committees, are key to target your engagement with for the issues that matter most to you. Work with members of the Poligage Experts Network to develop and execute proactive or reactive engagement plans with those stakeholders.

Reconciliation & Budget Efforts

Engage the Poligage Experts Network to better understand the impacts of U.S. Congressional reconciliation and budget processes on your organization, and identify the best areas and ways through which you might take action to mitigate risks from these processes or realize gains.

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