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Expertise Marketplace

Poligage is pleased to offer expertise in ten key categories covering over 300 policy topics, geographies, political systems, industries, and government affairs issues.

Key Policy Issues

Sample members of the Poligage Experts Network for Key Policy Issues include:

Alex Dahl

Alex Dahl

CEO and Founder of Strategic Policy Counsel, PLLC

Brendan Curry

Brendan Curry

Principal, Centaurus Consulting and Advocacy

Chrissa Pagitsas

Chrissa Pagitsas

Founder and Principal of Pagitsas Advisors

Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan

President & CEO of Actuparo, LLC

Joseph Gibson

Joseph Gibson

Principal at The Gibson Group, LLC

Lee Godown

Lee Godown

President and Founder, Alpex International

Mark MacCarthy

Mark MacCarthy

Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow, Georgetown University

Nancy Beck

Nancy Beck

Director of Regulatory Science at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

Robert Diamond

Robert Diamond

Partner at Capitol Counsel, LLC

Steve Haro

Steve Haro

Founding Principal, Haro Solutions

Key Areas Covered in this Category Include:

Agriculture Conservation

Alcohol Regulation & Enforcement


Appropriations & Budget

Artificial Intelligence


Cannabis - Medical

Cannabis - Recreational

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)

Consumer Protection


COVID-19 - Economic Recovery

COVID-19 - Legal Reform Issues

Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets


Data Security & Privacy

Disaster Response

Economic Recovery

Education (K-12)

Education (Higher Education)

Energy, Mining, & Natural Resources

Environment & Sustainability

Equity and Equality

Food, Meat Processing & Packing

Food Safety & Security

Gaming & Casinos

Gender Equality

Global Health

Government Procurement Policy




Industrial Safety

Information Technology (IT)

Infrastructure Development

Intellectual Property

Labor Relations

Land Use

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Nutrition Programs

Online Mis - Disinformation

Packaging and Solid Waste

Pandemic Response


Securities Regulation



Technology Regulation


Tobacco & e-Cigarette Regulation

Tourism & Hospitality

Trade - Agreements and Programs

Trade - Importing into the USA

Trade - Exporting from the USA

Trade - USMCA


Tribal Issues

U.S. Politics and Elections


Water Rights and Management


Example of Services for Key Policy Issues

Policy Issue Updates

Leverage the extensive reach of Poligage Experts to receive updates on policy issues of concern to your sector or industry within or across whatever government systems are of interest. Receive these updates via virtual consultation or written memo on a regular or one-off basis.


Receive inputs from Poligage Experts on their expectations for the movement of key policy issues, what might be done to impact these developments in a way that is helpful to your organization, and/or what the impact of various scenarios may be on your organization or industry.

Policy Issue Engagement Strategy & Planning

Poligage Experts can help you determine how your organization might engage on policy issues of key concern to you, or offer a review and external perspective on your existing plans, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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