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Key Policy Issues

Insights and advice on an array of policy issues being considered or soon-to-be-considered by governments at all levels.

Sample members of the Poligage Experts Network for Key Policy Issues include:


Seth Bloom

President and Founder of Bloom Strategic Counsel, PLLC

Ken Kies

Managing Director at Federal Policy Group, LLC

Julie A. Dunne

President of Dunne Strategic Solutions LLC

Chrissa Pagitsas

Founder and Principal of Pagitsas Advisory Services

How Organizations Might Use Poligage for Key Policy Issues:

Policy Issue Updates

Leverage the extensive reach of the Poligage Experts Network to receive updates on policy issues of concern to your sector or industry within or across whatever government systems are of interest. Receive these updates via virtual consultation or written memo on a regular or one-off basis.


Receive inputs from one or multiple members of the Poligage Experts Network on expectations for the development or movement of key policy issues, as well as what might be done to impact these developments in a way that is helpful to your organization, or what the impact of various scenarios may be on your organization or industry.

Engagement Planning

The Poligage Experts Network can help you determine how your organization might engage on policy issues of key concern to you, or offer a review and external perspective on your plans, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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