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Expertise Marketplace

Poligage is pleased to offer expertise in ten key categories covering over 300 policy topics, geographies, political systems, industries, and government affairs issues.

International Organizations

Sample members of the Poligage Experts Network for International Organizations include:

Corey Arnez Griffin

Corey Arnez Griffin


Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison

Senior Communications and Public Affairs Executive

Joanne Sonenshine

Joanne Sonenshine

Founder and CEO of Connective Impact

Jonathan Wachtel

Jonathan Wachtel

Founder & Managing Director of Greater Good Associates

Key Areas Covered in this Category Include:



International Monetary Fund (IMF)


United Nations

United Nations - UNDP

United Nations - UNESCO

United Nations - UN Security Council

United Nations - UN Women

United Nations - World Food Program (WFP)

United Nations - World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

World Bank

World Bank - International Finance Corporation (IFC)

World Health Organization

Example of Services for International Organizations

Issue Heatmapping

Evaluate the alignment of your policy priorities or areas of risk for your organization against the priorities and agenda of leading international organizations.

Stakeholder Messaging & Engagement

Determine which international organizations may pose the most risk or opportunity to your organization, as well as how to effectively work through their divisions and which executives are best to engage to achieve your policy priorities.

Conference or Summit Preparation

Let us help you and your organization prepare for your participation in and presence at the conferences of international organizations, whether through briefing book creation, marketing collateral development, or advice on effective messaging and engagement with key conference stakeholders, including during the lead-up to and the aftermath of the event.

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