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Poligage is pleased to offer expertise in ten key categories covering over 300 policy topics, geographies, political systems, industries, and government affairs issues.

Communication & Reputation

Sample members of the Poligage Experts Network for Communication & Reputation include:

Brai Odion-Esene

Brai Odion-Esene

Founder of SW4 Insights

Chrissa Pagitsas

Chrissa Pagitsas

Founder and Principal of Pagitsas Advisors

David Geanacopoulos

David Geanacopoulos

Consultant & Advisor

E. Richard Mills

E. Richard Mills

Founder and CEO of Mills Consulting

Ed Ingle

Ed Ingle

President of New Lantern Partners

Jay Hamilton

Jay Hamilton

Chief Media Strategist at Hamilton Media DC

Jenifer Sarver

Jenifer Sarver

Principal of Sarver Strategies

Lee Godown

Lee Godown

President and Founder, Alpex International

Matthew Rees

Matthew Rees

Founder of Geonomica

Ruth Ravitz Smith

Ruth Ravitz Smith

President of RR Smith Strategic Solutions, LLC (R2S3)

Steve Haro

Steve Haro

Founding Principal, Haro Solutions

Steven Okun

Steven Okun

Founder and CEO of APAC Advisors

Key Areas Covered in this Category Include:

Advocacy Campaign Development

Brand & Initiative Launches

Civic Engagement Strategy

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Crisis Communications

Digital Strategy & Social Media

Diversity & Inclusion

Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues (ESG)

Executive or Other Targeted Communications

Fundraising Strategy

Government Relations Strategy

Media Appearance Training

Online Content Management

Political Action Committee (PAC) Strategy

Press and Media Engagement Strategy

Rural Engagement

Social Impact Investing

Writing or Reviewing - Speeches, Talking Points, Op-Eds

Example of Services for Communication & Reputation

Targeted Stakeholder Communications

Communicating about your policy issues effectively with government stakeholders is as important as simply knowing which ones matter to you and your organization. Work with Poligage Experts to develop the messaging, formats, and strategy you need to effectively execute your advocacy efforts.

Writing Services

Effective policy-related communications — whether speeches, op-eds, talking points, collaterals, or other mediums — are critical but time intensive to create. Offload the drafting of your communications needs to deeply experienced members of the Poligage Experts Network, or seek their experienced review and suggested edits of your own products.

Media Engagement & Training

Work with former journalists and other members of the Poligage Experts Network who have managed media strategies to develop a media engagement plan and also receive training on how to be an effective messenger of the media for your organization.

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